Friday, 17 December 2010

Time Travel...

Someone tell me where the last 2 weeks went

Have I been in a time warp?
Its snowing again just like two weeks ago...but I can hardly believe the time's gone
And what did I do with it???

Anyhow I got some things for you to check out.
Check out Tor Cesay a female MC, a personal friend of mine, who is spitting some fire
She's just dropped a free Mixtape "Different Place" which you can download by going to

Some hot tracks on there - dropping some knowledge, so check it and spread the word
I particular like the track "Who's Got The Power", where she uses the beat Kanye West created for the track "Power".

Check it now you'll be hearing more of her on the airwaves.

Second thing for you today is for the basket ball players or coaches etc amongst you (or that you know), check out which is designed for all those basket ball players who want to been scene by teams / coaches all around the world, could save you a mint.

I'll have you some video of my stuff and some interviews I've done early next year

Catch you later

Happy Holidays


Thursday, 2 December 2010

Snow...and it all falls down...

Hey its December 2nd

I can't believe I havent posted for three weeks ...where did the time go?

Reading too many books on the go - confusing myself about the passage of time!

A little bit of Snow and the whole country is stranded, shut down, what would happen if we had a 2 week snow storm...or even a one week snow storm...we've only had 2 days (down in the south)?

So its almost xmas, got advent calendar full of treats to open each day up to xmas - oohhh lucky me!

Creative work wise - been doing alot of good research - got some good ideas, close to starting to formulate new work - part of the Certificate 18 project, I must have mentioned.

Also just finished a 6 week poetry project with Padddington Arts at a Secondary school in NW London, came across some smart imaginative children and some with too much talk! LOL

Snow bummed out the 2nd part of a project with a school in Catford today - but will rearrange.
At least I got some extra time to create.

I see World Cup hosts for 2018 and 2022 out today - and Qatar won 2022, I know somebody who runs alot of the football program out there...ay Miss P...LOL LOL, I wonder if I can put in an order for tickets now :-)

OK if you've read this far let me give you a little sumtin' sumtin' to check out - visit my man Chuck Perkins here and here where you can see him in a couple of Commercials for the New Orleans Hornets basketball team - later this month I'll upload an interview I did with the inimitable New Orleans Native when he was in London town.

catch you later peeps.


Thursday, 11 November 2010

British Museum - Next Gen

Hey people

Its been so hectic the last couple of weeks,

Been doing all sorts, the results ofwhich I will be divulging to you in the near future,
One of the activities - I was invited to the British Museum to a presentation by some teenagers that research and comment on artifacts that the museum has in its srchive. I had worked with some of the young people hence my invitation. It was very impressive to see these teenagers at work. It was all araound a program the museum does called Talking objects - watch video about some of the objects here . The presentation was rounded off by a rousing inspirational speech by British Museum Trustee Bonnie Greer, who I will be interviewing for in the new year, so stay tuned.

Just completed the 'moving on up' professional development program developed by Serious. Which was excellent, the creation of this blog came as a direct consequence of my participation in the program and there are a number of things I've added into my creative and business suite out of the program. Check Serious out here.

Got to shoot but will be in touch - by the way I'm down to 14th in the Metro Fantasy Football at the moment... :-(

Wednesday, 27 October 2010


Back in contact again folks

Apologies for the omission last week peeps,
I had expected to write, mid last week, but it didn't happen
And after that it was action actio action...

So last week I finished off my participation in the independent film "Love and Money"
It was a little chilly but still good fun. Another script for a short be coming my way soon so I keep you posted.

I realise I haven't given you "the in" where you can see some pics of some ofthe characters in the movie participating in the poster shoot for the film way back in the beginning of the year before filming of the movie took place. You can catch some pics here.

Also last week I along with some select others was fortunate to see in action and speak to in private, to the great scholar and activist that is Amiri Baraka, a write up of the experience and some great photos will go up on the site in the "news" section next month.
I might even post one or two here.

Finally I should mention for those of you that are aware of the Fantasy Football competition that is run by the Metro newspaper for the whole football season, that this weekend my team took the number one position for the whole competiton - with over a 100, 000 teams. But there's a long way to go 29 games to be exact.

But there's nothing like being Number 1


Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Holiday Heat - R&R

Hey hey hey

Back from a lovely break in the south coast of Turkey - the 30+ degree heat was lovely and the R&R was much needed.

Back in the game and I've hit the ground running!!!

Suppose I should let you know that Diaspora Diaries is screening on the big screen tommorrow at 6.30pm on Holloway road, all the details are here.
I'll be doing a Q&A afterwards as well.

One of the performances I did with Manorlogz - extreme spoken word, earlier last month is now up online, see below.

The Manorlogz site is now up, and they've got some exciting plans ahead for their online competition, stay tuned in the next couple of months with what they're up to at

And last but definitely not least you can read an enlightening interview I had with Tim Campbell the first "The Apprentice" winner, about business, creativity and his business charity The Bright Ideas Trust, check it here on my website

Sunday, 26 September 2010

Whizz! Crash! Bang!

So what’s been going on since last we spoke…?

Well, there’s been LOTS, but you know we cut to the chase here.

Last week I had an enlightening interview with the inspirational and very eloquent Tim Campbell, who was hired by Lord Alan Sugar in the BBC’s The Apprentice and who founded the Bright Ideas Trust – - I’ll let you know here when the interview is up on! Look out for Tim’s new book What’s Your Bright Idea?, available on Amazon now.

…What else?

This week, I had a call a call from my man Mr Marque Gilmore, aka drummer extraordinaire – check out his facebook page at - to come and join him in a gig at the Jazz Café with Grammy-nominated Omar Sosa. What a BLAST!!!!!!! If you’re into jazz that fuses world music and electronic elements with Afro-Cuban music then look no further than Footage and pics of that will be on in the coming weeks for you to check-out.

Stay tuned, the next newsletter comes out in two weeks.

Peace out!

Thursday, 16 September 2010

London Jazz Festival Launch

Hello Folks,

How we doing this week?
It's been a whole week since last update, I've had lots to post, but been busy doing, so I'm posting some highlights now.

LAst night I was at The Brickhouse on Brick lane for the official launch of the 2010 London Jazz Festival produced by Serious. This year's events look really exciting, and will be happening in almost all the boroughs in London, so if you're in London town between November 12th - 21st (when the actual events are on) make sure you check some of it out. It's also being covered by BBC Radio 3 so tune in there if you're not in town.

The launch event was very busy - caught up with a few peeps, met some interesting new peeps, and set the wheels in motion for a new multimedia collaboration - watch this space for that.

Will soon have some audio for you to download from for the set at Passing Clouds - listen out for that.

Told you about the ManorLogz visit, well here is some footage of Indigo Willliams one of the talented artists that I met down there and the 1st of the group I told you to keep your eyes peeled for: Press Here

Got some inspiration for the concept album this week so should start writing another piece in the puzzle that it is this week!

Oh yeah - just a heads up to ya, my man the supremely talented Inua 'Phaze' Ellams has released the trailer to his new one man show, "Untitled"

Check it here

He's doing a UK tour, so get down to the live performance if you can!

Friday, 10 September 2010

An Evening with ManorLogz

So yesterday evening I gave a fun and interesting feature interview at ManorLogz Studios
(ManorLogz profile "xtreme Spoken Word"), they are doing some hot stuff down there, you definitely need to keep your eyes and ears on what they are doing.

They had some other very talented artists down there yesterday evening, but you're going to have to wait till they release the interviews to find out who's featured.
In the mean while find out all about them by checking the links below.

Check ManorLogz on YouTube and their Facebook

On another interview front, I selected a couple of the poems that I did at the Passing Clouds gig with 12-Tone a few weeks back. to be included in a video promo of the night, so you'll get to hear me with some of the band that night, in the near future, so make sure you stay tuned with this blog.

I'm out

Go to!/pages/DCosmiccom-Beyonders-Universe/133595132778
for Facebook Fan page + videos

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

September version of DCosmic Newsletter is out

Hey peeps

Got the latest version of DCosmic Newsletter out today.
If you ever want to join, go here:
and enter your email address to be added to the mailing list.

Big feature on Jonzi D this month - with Part 2 of interview + highlight of "The Surgery"(click here) for more details.

As always things are moving on swiftly, viewing alot of movies in my research drive + brainstorming to create ideas for my next installment of Certificate 18. Don't know if I mentioned I've got a composer for the music for the concept project, so that's great. He will be coming on board around November.

Off on hols at the end of the month so I'm definitely looking forward to that - destination undecided as yet but definitely somewhere hot!!!

Doing another feature interview on Thursday - part of a national spoken word video project, that's soon to be rolled out, will let you know how that goes later on in the week.

Back on the computer learning some after effects - after some what of a hiatus from it - it happens sometimes.

Some good opportunities in the stock market at the minute for small growth companies, so keeping my eyes on that - Entertainment One (just transferred to the main market from the aim) is one of my holdings that's definitely one to watch.

It's Black History Month (BHM) so bookings filtering through, have to organise around the hols, make sure you get in touch ASAP if you want to book me.

Got to go

ciao ciao


Monday, 30 August 2010


So a week has already passed since last update.
THe second day's shooting last week was fun
we were doing some of the fight scenes and as one of the
anti-heroes/ anti-villans dependant on how you want to take it
I got to dish out some comedic beatings...
The make up artist did a great job on the guy who took the brunt of the action.
and I hear the footage ws great, so I'm looking forward to seeing the completed project, will keep you posted.

PS. My partner in crime and I may have bagged another film with our performance as an assistant director on the shoot loved our double act and is sending through a script to us.

After the shoot did a few video interviews - one on the follow up to the passing clouds gig, I'll let you know when they are out.

Looks like i've got a composer on board for the concept album project, I'm still doing research at the minute to create the next three acts/chapters.

Checking out Afro Samurai series at the minute - missed it when it first came out but catching up now.

Its nearing that time to get the newsletter out for the beginning of next month.
I'm on the case.

Catch you

Monday, 23 August 2010

Independent Movie

This week's already busily shifting on...

It's a late night learning lines - as filming has recommenced for an Independent movie - working title "love and money", that I'm in - nearing the end of the shoot - today's was up in Greenwich, weather was crap, but the job was done in the end.

Tomorrow its an interior shoot so weather not so important, best I go and continue learning those lines, will keep you posted when film comes out.

Oh yeah - got Mac mini back today after £200 repair job for changing the logic board..tut tut tut...anyhow back in business

Ciao for now


Gig at Passing Clouds

Last Week was a busy one!

Friday evening I did a gig at Passing clouds with 12-Tone
It was a BANGER!!!
If you were there you know what I'm talking about - Jammed with some of the band from United Vibrations and the house came down...
Footage might appear online via 12-Tone

I might drop a few pics on the blog too.

Keep watching this space for the next gig jamming witha band - probably in November...

Ife Exhibition - Young Peeps

Hello there everybody peeps

Last week I had the pleasure of running a week long creative writing workshop with some young peeps (mainly teenagers) that had signed up to find out more about the "Ife Heads" that had been the subject of a major exhibition at the museum earlier this year.
With one head being permanently on show in the museums Africa gallery. HAd some curators come and break down what their thoughts about the head was, and had the input of someone from Ife (Nigeria) breakdown the culture of Ife and its significance.

It was most interesting - the young peeps kept me on your toes and gave some pretty imaginative written responses which were presented back to the curators and other observers on Friday. Watch this space and when the video footage of the series "Talking Objects" goes online on the British Museum site I'll post a link and you can catch some of the vibe for yourself.

Sunday, 15 August 2010

One of those weeks...

This has been one of those weeks where gadgets /equipment
has been cracking up / breaking down and its been incredibly irritating to
get it after the other.

First the computer monitor, bought a new screen, then the MAC Mini craps out, and all Apple store could offer was "book an appointment via Genius bar" and 'that' appointment was not for 5 days. "ARRRRHHHHH."
Then issues with downloaded tracks from Three network that were not playing on my Mobile - wasting my time "ARRRRRHHHHHH."

Any how start of a new week and I'm already on a new vibe, creating the ground work for a new project you'll hear about in the near future.

Just bouncing to "You Can Thank me now" by Drake whilst writing this - nice mellow joint, 2010 is Drake's year.

Tommorrow will hopefully sort out MAc Mini issue.

Tuesday to Friday will be doing a project with the British Museum this week should be real interesting for the participants, who will get to touch objects and see items behind the scenes.

Gonna go and see Inception for the second time this week, to see if I missed anything the first time, just by viewing it from a different perspective. Definitely a must see film though for those who like films that make you do a little work. For a film that's pure fun and action check out A- TEAM. Make sure you catch TOY STORY 3 - and look out for the Clown (brilliant character) :-)

I see Dustin Johnson has just been RIPPED OFF in the PGA golf Championship, stopping him from getting into the play-offfor the title, what are they on - that's bad for golf boy, they're trying to make him crazy, you'll have to research PGA Championships 2010 to find out what I'm talking about?


Monday, 9 August 2010

Jazz Verse Juke Box Gig

Had a blast last night at Jazz Verse Juke Box
I haven't gigged in a while so it was a great place to get back in the game
A sumptuos venue at Ronnine Scotts upstairs bar
With an attentive clientele.

The event hosted by Jumoke Fashola, and backed by a wonderful Jazz Trio was exquisite.
Occurring on the 2nd Sunday of the month at Ronnie Scotts, definitely one to check out. Apart from enjoying my self doing my set (footage will probably be appearing on YouTube- will let you know if it does), I especially enjoyed the set of rising star Natalie Fiawoo - who put together a marvellously accomplished performance - I've been trying to interview Natalie for for well over a year now, I'll hopefully get it sorted soon so that you can see her ability for yourself.

And to top it off I found myself chatting away to Julian Richer of Richer Sounds, a very courteous gentleman, and hey presto today - when I had to purchase a new TV/monitor as my computer monitor burned out yesterday, I purchased one from one of his stores.

Ciao for now


Thursday, 5 August 2010

Lupe visually mixed

Some inspirational funny shit on YouTube for you today,
check out "go again!" by 00sm4

Had me in stiches with his creative visual interpretation of Lupe
make sure you catch from 1:02 to 1:31

New interview with Jonzi-D on

Check this new interview now online at and on Youtube,
It's part 1 of 2 that I did with Jonzi-D earlier this year.



Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Info Splurge

OK first up today

I'll mention I'm doing a couple of gigs this month
One on Sunday August 8th at Jazz Verse Jukebox
Click here for details

The 2nd is at Passing Clouds on Friday 20th with 12 Tone - the stunning Brass band
I think this should be a nice jamming session.
Click here for details

The latest edition of the DCosmic newsletter goes out today
Click Here to subscribe to the newsletter, which usually goes out monthly or bi-monthly, depending on how hectic things are.

Nice bit of profile - my Profile pic on this blog "Levitation" appeared in the July issue of "Photo Pro" on page 71 courtesy of Award winning Photographer Lucy Williams, who was featured for her fine work, and the photo she took of me is the one they chose to print was that of yours truly.
Can't say fairer than that 'ay, Of course I've got an issue for the archive.

Big Shout out to SERIOUS, Dartington Hall, and all the Move on Up Artists, it was a great all round experience last month - watch this space.

Beyonder out

Some creative food for the day with David J

Hello Folks

So started to get some ideas for part 6 of a concept album / installation I'm currently creating, (parts 1-3 currently done, now jumping to 6). I've got to do more research but the ideas are starting to flow, which is all good.

Started the creation of a short documentary on the life of a mentor of mine (D.R.) who was in my 2007 documentary Diaspora Diaries. Should be a real interesting project.

You know I've always got a little something for ya, check out footage of the inimitable David J here (a true artist - a craftsman if you will).

Who I interviewed for a couple years back see part 1 here (got to love the David J remix of Shakespeare)

Manorlogz seems to be doing some interesting videos, here's one I liked with the poet Comfort

So that's your fill for the day



Monday, 2 August 2010

Movie comments & Cool Lego Animation

So its been a week since last post
Don't know where time hs gone.
Checked out Inception -liked it, liked the ideas, will check out again with more detailed eye.

Also saw 'Splice' recently - very off-key movie, was cringing through out,
The worst thing is, that there are actually people out there like that!

ot to upload latest interview with Jonzi-D (part1), up onto website ( and youtube this week.

Should also let you know I'm doing a performance this Sunday (8th Aug) at Ronnie Scotts at Jazz Verse Jukebox.

Newsletter going out with all details this week - if you cant wait check:!/dcosmic

Cool Lego animation
you should watch (then chuckle):

Sunday, 25 July 2010

Welcome one and all - 1st post

So welcome to this blog, its me Beyonder!

I am going to keep you posted with what's happening in the DCosmic Universe,
link you to what's happening with my other planes of existence online.

THings I think you should check out, as well as some thoughts on random things,
And let you know what's happening with my artistic creations through different mediums.

If you happened to check this blog and don't know what I do I'm a multimedia artist, I'll leave the rest for you to discover.

Its exciting times....