Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Holiday Heat - R&R

Hey hey hey

Back from a lovely break in the south coast of Turkey - the 30+ degree heat was lovely and the R&R was much needed.

Back in the game and I've hit the ground running!!!

Suppose I should let you know that Diaspora Diaries is screening on the big screen tommorrow at 6.30pm on Holloway road, all the details are here.
I'll be doing a Q&A afterwards as well.

One of the performances I did with Manorlogz - extreme spoken word, earlier last month is now up online, see below.

The Manorlogz site is now up, and they've got some exciting plans ahead for their online competition, stay tuned in the next couple of months with what they're up to at

And last but definitely not least you can read an enlightening interview I had with Tim Campbell the first "The Apprentice" winner, about business, creativity and his business charity The Bright Ideas Trust, check it here on my website

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