Sunday, 26 September 2010

Whizz! Crash! Bang!

So what’s been going on since last we spoke…?

Well, there’s been LOTS, but you know we cut to the chase here.

Last week I had an enlightening interview with the inspirational and very eloquent Tim Campbell, who was hired by Lord Alan Sugar in the BBC’s The Apprentice and who founded the Bright Ideas Trust – - I’ll let you know here when the interview is up on! Look out for Tim’s new book What’s Your Bright Idea?, available on Amazon now.

…What else?

This week, I had a call a call from my man Mr Marque Gilmore, aka drummer extraordinaire – check out his facebook page at - to come and join him in a gig at the Jazz Café with Grammy-nominated Omar Sosa. What a BLAST!!!!!!! If you’re into jazz that fuses world music and electronic elements with Afro-Cuban music then look no further than Footage and pics of that will be on in the coming weeks for you to check-out.

Stay tuned, the next newsletter comes out in two weeks.

Peace out!

Thursday, 16 September 2010

London Jazz Festival Launch

Hello Folks,

How we doing this week?
It's been a whole week since last update, I've had lots to post, but been busy doing, so I'm posting some highlights now.

LAst night I was at The Brickhouse on Brick lane for the official launch of the 2010 London Jazz Festival produced by Serious. This year's events look really exciting, and will be happening in almost all the boroughs in London, so if you're in London town between November 12th - 21st (when the actual events are on) make sure you check some of it out. It's also being covered by BBC Radio 3 so tune in there if you're not in town.

The launch event was very busy - caught up with a few peeps, met some interesting new peeps, and set the wheels in motion for a new multimedia collaboration - watch this space for that.

Will soon have some audio for you to download from for the set at Passing Clouds - listen out for that.

Told you about the ManorLogz visit, well here is some footage of Indigo Willliams one of the talented artists that I met down there and the 1st of the group I told you to keep your eyes peeled for: Press Here

Got some inspiration for the concept album this week so should start writing another piece in the puzzle that it is this week!

Oh yeah - just a heads up to ya, my man the supremely talented Inua 'Phaze' Ellams has released the trailer to his new one man show, "Untitled"

Check it here

He's doing a UK tour, so get down to the live performance if you can!

Friday, 10 September 2010

An Evening with ManorLogz

So yesterday evening I gave a fun and interesting feature interview at ManorLogz Studios
(ManorLogz profile "xtreme Spoken Word"), they are doing some hot stuff down there, you definitely need to keep your eyes and ears on what they are doing.

They had some other very talented artists down there yesterday evening, but you're going to have to wait till they release the interviews to find out who's featured.
In the mean while find out all about them by checking the links below.

Check ManorLogz on YouTube and their Facebook

On another interview front, I selected a couple of the poems that I did at the Passing Clouds gig with 12-Tone a few weeks back. to be included in a video promo of the night, so you'll get to hear me with some of the band that night, in the near future, so make sure you stay tuned with this blog.

I'm out

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Tuesday, 7 September 2010

September version of DCosmic Newsletter is out

Hey peeps

Got the latest version of DCosmic Newsletter out today.
If you ever want to join, go here:
and enter your email address to be added to the mailing list.

Big feature on Jonzi D this month - with Part 2 of interview + highlight of "The Surgery"(click here) for more details.

As always things are moving on swiftly, viewing alot of movies in my research drive + brainstorming to create ideas for my next installment of Certificate 18. Don't know if I mentioned I've got a composer for the music for the concept project, so that's great. He will be coming on board around November.

Off on hols at the end of the month so I'm definitely looking forward to that - destination undecided as yet but definitely somewhere hot!!!

Doing another feature interview on Thursday - part of a national spoken word video project, that's soon to be rolled out, will let you know how that goes later on in the week.

Back on the computer learning some after effects - after some what of a hiatus from it - it happens sometimes.

Some good opportunities in the stock market at the minute for small growth companies, so keeping my eyes on that - Entertainment One (just transferred to the main market from the aim) is one of my holdings that's definitely one to watch.

It's Black History Month (BHM) so bookings filtering through, have to organise around the hols, make sure you get in touch ASAP if you want to book me.

Got to go

ciao ciao