Sunday, 26 September 2010

Whizz! Crash! Bang!

So what’s been going on since last we spoke…?

Well, there’s been LOTS, but you know we cut to the chase here.

Last week I had an enlightening interview with the inspirational and very eloquent Tim Campbell, who was hired by Lord Alan Sugar in the BBC’s The Apprentice and who founded the Bright Ideas Trust – - I’ll let you know here when the interview is up on! Look out for Tim’s new book What’s Your Bright Idea?, available on Amazon now.

…What else?

This week, I had a call a call from my man Mr Marque Gilmore, aka drummer extraordinaire – check out his facebook page at - to come and join him in a gig at the Jazz Café with Grammy-nominated Omar Sosa. What a BLAST!!!!!!! If you’re into jazz that fuses world music and electronic elements with Afro-Cuban music then look no further than Footage and pics of that will be on in the coming weeks for you to check-out.

Stay tuned, the next newsletter comes out in two weeks.

Peace out!

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