Sunday, 15 August 2010

One of those weeks...

This has been one of those weeks where gadgets /equipment
has been cracking up / breaking down and its been incredibly irritating to
get it after the other.

First the computer monitor, bought a new screen, then the MAC Mini craps out, and all Apple store could offer was "book an appointment via Genius bar" and 'that' appointment was not for 5 days. "ARRRRHHHHH."
Then issues with downloaded tracks from Three network that were not playing on my Mobile - wasting my time "ARRRRRHHHHHH."

Any how start of a new week and I'm already on a new vibe, creating the ground work for a new project you'll hear about in the near future.

Just bouncing to "You Can Thank me now" by Drake whilst writing this - nice mellow joint, 2010 is Drake's year.

Tommorrow will hopefully sort out MAc Mini issue.

Tuesday to Friday will be doing a project with the British Museum this week should be real interesting for the participants, who will get to touch objects and see items behind the scenes.

Gonna go and see Inception for the second time this week, to see if I missed anything the first time, just by viewing it from a different perspective. Definitely a must see film though for those who like films that make you do a little work. For a film that's pure fun and action check out A- TEAM. Make sure you catch TOY STORY 3 - and look out for the Clown (brilliant character) :-)

I see Dustin Johnson has just been RIPPED OFF in the PGA golf Championship, stopping him from getting into the play-offfor the title, what are they on - that's bad for golf boy, they're trying to make him crazy, you'll have to research PGA Championships 2010 to find out what I'm talking about?


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