Thursday, 2 December 2010

Snow...and it all falls down...

Hey its December 2nd

I can't believe I havent posted for three weeks ...where did the time go?

Reading too many books on the go - confusing myself about the passage of time!

A little bit of Snow and the whole country is stranded, shut down, what would happen if we had a 2 week snow storm...or even a one week snow storm...we've only had 2 days (down in the south)?

So its almost xmas, got advent calendar full of treats to open each day up to xmas - oohhh lucky me!

Creative work wise - been doing alot of good research - got some good ideas, close to starting to formulate new work - part of the Certificate 18 project, I must have mentioned.

Also just finished a 6 week poetry project with Padddington Arts at a Secondary school in NW London, came across some smart imaginative children and some with too much talk! LOL

Snow bummed out the 2nd part of a project with a school in Catford today - but will rearrange.
At least I got some extra time to create.

I see World Cup hosts for 2018 and 2022 out today - and Qatar won 2022, I know somebody who runs alot of the football program out there...ay Miss P...LOL LOL, I wonder if I can put in an order for tickets now :-)

OK if you've read this far let me give you a little sumtin' sumtin' to check out - visit my man Chuck Perkins here and here where you can see him in a couple of Commercials for the New Orleans Hornets basketball team - later this month I'll upload an interview I did with the inimitable New Orleans Native when he was in London town.

catch you later peeps.


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