Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Info Splurge

OK first up today

I'll mention I'm doing a couple of gigs this month
One on Sunday August 8th at Jazz Verse Jukebox
Click here for details

The 2nd is at Passing Clouds on Friday 20th with 12 Tone - the stunning Brass band
I think this should be a nice jamming session.
Click here for details

The latest edition of the DCosmic newsletter goes out today
Click Here to subscribe to the newsletter, which usually goes out monthly or bi-monthly, depending on how hectic things are.

Nice bit of profile - my Profile pic on this blog "Levitation" appeared in the July issue of "Photo Pro" on page 71 courtesy of Award winning Photographer Lucy Williams, who was featured for her fine work, and the photo she took of me is the one they chose to print was that of yours truly.
Can't say fairer than that 'ay, Of course I've got an issue for the archive.

Big Shout out to SERIOUS, Dartington Hall, and all the Move on Up Artists, it was a great all round experience last month - watch this space.

Beyonder out

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