Thursday, 11 November 2010

British Museum - Next Gen

Hey people

Its been so hectic the last couple of weeks,

Been doing all sorts, the results ofwhich I will be divulging to you in the near future,
One of the activities - I was invited to the British Museum to a presentation by some teenagers that research and comment on artifacts that the museum has in its srchive. I had worked with some of the young people hence my invitation. It was very impressive to see these teenagers at work. It was all araound a program the museum does called Talking objects - watch video about some of the objects here . The presentation was rounded off by a rousing inspirational speech by British Museum Trustee Bonnie Greer, who I will be interviewing for in the new year, so stay tuned.

Just completed the 'moving on up' professional development program developed by Serious. Which was excellent, the creation of this blog came as a direct consequence of my participation in the program and there are a number of things I've added into my creative and business suite out of the program. Check Serious out here.

Got to shoot but will be in touch - by the way I'm down to 14th in the Metro Fantasy Football at the moment... :-(