Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Some creative food for the day with David J

Hello Folks

So started to get some ideas for part 6 of a concept album / installation I'm currently creating, (parts 1-3 currently done, now jumping to 6). I've got to do more research but the ideas are starting to flow, which is all good.

Started the creation of a short documentary on the life of a mentor of mine (D.R.) who was in my 2007 documentary Diaspora Diaries. Should be a real interesting project.

You know I've always got a little something for ya, check out footage of the inimitable David J here (a true artist - a craftsman if you will).

Who I interviewed for DCosmic.com a couple years back see part 1 here (got to love the David J remix of Shakespeare)

Manorlogz seems to be doing some interesting videos, here's one I liked with the poet Comfort

So that's your fill for the day



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