Friday, 17 December 2010

Time Travel...

Someone tell me where the last 2 weeks went

Have I been in a time warp?
Its snowing again just like two weeks ago...but I can hardly believe the time's gone
And what did I do with it???

Anyhow I got some things for you to check out.
Check out Tor Cesay a female MC, a personal friend of mine, who is spitting some fire
She's just dropped a free Mixtape "Different Place" which you can download by going to

Some hot tracks on there - dropping some knowledge, so check it and spread the word
I particular like the track "Who's Got The Power", where she uses the beat Kanye West created for the track "Power".

Check it now you'll be hearing more of her on the airwaves.

Second thing for you today is for the basket ball players or coaches etc amongst you (or that you know), check out which is designed for all those basket ball players who want to been scene by teams / coaches all around the world, could save you a mint.

I'll have you some video of my stuff and some interviews I've done early next year

Catch you later

Happy Holidays


Thursday, 2 December 2010

Snow...and it all falls down...

Hey its December 2nd

I can't believe I havent posted for three weeks ...where did the time go?

Reading too many books on the go - confusing myself about the passage of time!

A little bit of Snow and the whole country is stranded, shut down, what would happen if we had a 2 week snow storm...or even a one week snow storm...we've only had 2 days (down in the south)?

So its almost xmas, got advent calendar full of treats to open each day up to xmas - oohhh lucky me!

Creative work wise - been doing alot of good research - got some good ideas, close to starting to formulate new work - part of the Certificate 18 project, I must have mentioned.

Also just finished a 6 week poetry project with Padddington Arts at a Secondary school in NW London, came across some smart imaginative children and some with too much talk! LOL

Snow bummed out the 2nd part of a project with a school in Catford today - but will rearrange.
At least I got some extra time to create.

I see World Cup hosts for 2018 and 2022 out today - and Qatar won 2022, I know somebody who runs alot of the football program out there...ay Miss P...LOL LOL, I wonder if I can put in an order for tickets now :-)

OK if you've read this far let me give you a little sumtin' sumtin' to check out - visit my man Chuck Perkins here and here where you can see him in a couple of Commercials for the New Orleans Hornets basketball team - later this month I'll upload an interview I did with the inimitable New Orleans Native when he was in London town.

catch you later peeps.