Monday, 31 January 2011 - MATHS with a fun twist

OK people coming near to the end of my BETT write ups,

The site I've got for you today is, this is a a site that makes maths fun by
taking it into the realm of practical applications and activities, what also enhances the stimulus for children is the fact that you can (if you want) see your performance in comparison to others all around the country as well as classmates, and work to improve your position.

There are a number of games on the site, each tailored to various themes and parts of the curriculum, currently covering KS3 and new KS2 games being added daily.

If you home school your children, or have a say about what tools your children or pupils use to learn their maths in the KS2 & KS3 age groups is well worth a look.

Friday, 28 January 2011

Games-Ed - engaging education...

OK people

Today's insight from the BETT educational trade show is a website
I spoke to a couple of people from the company that creates the Games Ed games, and I must say that I was impressed, as the game we looked at Sustainville was great fun, getting players to look at how to allocate scarce resources (funds) for a city/town and seeing how this affects the city in terms of employment, crime, environment, education, housing etc. looking at the different concerns there are in running a city. The game I played actually plays like Football Manager for any of you that have played that game you'll know how addictive it is. It in essence teaches about economics, geography, town planning, social issues amongst other things. If we had this in my geography lessons, it certainly would have been alot more fun, and initiated plenty of dicussions on how to best plan/ sustain a city.

For those of you who teach in this area or have contact with teachers in this field, this certainly would be worth taking a look.

Monday, 24 January 2011

United Vibrations on Gilles Peterson show - Radio One

Yes Peeps check United Vibrations on Gilles Peterson's Radio One show on iPlayer. Check it here whilst you still can.

Some of you might remember me blogging about gigging with United Vibrations late last year. Look out for the audio recording of that gig appearing on this blog soon.


Let's Get Ready to Rumble

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Shakespeare In Bits

So the second offering I've got for you from the BETT trade show is "SHAKESPEARE IN BITS", this is an innovative way of reading / seeing/ studying Shakespeare.

The creators have pain stakingly created a flash animated version of Romeo and Juliet & Macbeth. But that's not all, what's innovative is that you can have access to the text on screen at the same time, you can visually see how charaters are related to each other, you can visually see the role the characters play with in the plot, great for people with visual learning styles. There is easy visual scene selection, roll over margin notes explaining key themes, historical references, language etc.

And the program is available for mobile devices, Ipads as well as the normal PC/MAC market.

A real multimedia teaching tool check it out for yourself at

Brought to you by Beyonder (

More next time

Friday, 21 January 2011

Surrealism - 2nd Beyonder Album

A Comment from David J the pugilist about Beyonder and his second studio album Surrealism.

Thursday, 20 January 2011

So first up from my trip to BETT

Ever wanted to get your children creating apps rather than just consuming them?
Well may be just what you were looking for, the brain child of Paul Clarke (the creator of the site) to teach his daughter to code in a fun way, Yousrc provides the environment for young people to learn how to write code, and learn from others. Moving on to creating simple Apps, this innovative website even allows you to publish your code in the Android format (and by downloading the Yousrc app from the Android market) you can play your creations on your phone (imagine the satisfaction of your child doing that).

The Environment may seem a little confusing if you've never coded before, but all the help you need is on the left hand side of the website screen.

1. You enter the site on the "Showcase" page - you can click in any of the examples to see a finished app created by other children. Read the instructions then play.

2. I would suggest clicking on 1st steps to see the process you will go through to create an app on the website.

3. Next click on ELC tutorials to read about the key features about programming in the ELC environment.

4. You can go deeper by viewing info on the Functions and Keywords or else dive in by viewing the Examples page, where you have video featured on YouTube explaining examples of complete programs to show you the proces to go through.

As I said definitely a bit of a challenge when you first start if you've never coded, but young minds learn fast and are very hungry, there are plent of examples, and if stuck there is a help forum and if all else fails you can contact the creator via contact, so why not challenge your children today helping them into a lucrative future tomorrow visit and see if it works for you.

Monday, 17 January 2011

BETT. - Biggest UK tradeshow on Educational Technology

Hey peeps

It is just a mad busy year already, I've been trying to get this entry down for a while, but just so much going on.

Last week I was at the BETT 2011 - the biggest trade show of educational technology, and I saw some gems, I tell you that had me purring with ideas. In the next few entries over the next few days I'll be updating you with some of the details and webites you can check out that could help you or your children get a step ahead...keep tuned

Next event I'm performing at is this Friday ,
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Sunday, 9 January 2011

2011...and so it Cynikal

Happy New Year!

So we are 9 days in to the new year - did you make any resolutions / are you still focused on them or have you given up already?

Check out a book called "The Answer", very helpful if you are really trying to make changes in your life.

Any how people hope you've been well, I took a nice extended break and now I'm back, and I've got some stuff for you this year! By the way make sure you check out the Mixtape by Tor Cesay that I mentioned in my last post, some real banging yet thoughtful music right there from a UK female hip-hop artist.

Let's just start this year with some unique style, check out a very talented young man I interviewed at the latter part of last year - he writes and produces music, his genre is hip-hop and he is pretty rare in that he uses a live band. People I present to you "Cynikal"

Listen to tracks from 1st Beyonder album
- Who is the one eyed king?

Listen to tracks from 2nd Beyonder album - Surrealism