Monday, 30 August 2010


So a week has already passed since last update.
THe second day's shooting last week was fun
we were doing some of the fight scenes and as one of the
anti-heroes/ anti-villans dependant on how you want to take it
I got to dish out some comedic beatings...
The make up artist did a great job on the guy who took the brunt of the action.
and I hear the footage ws great, so I'm looking forward to seeing the completed project, will keep you posted.

PS. My partner in crime and I may have bagged another film with our performance as an assistant director on the shoot loved our double act and is sending through a script to us.

After the shoot did a few video interviews - one on the follow up to the passing clouds gig, I'll let you know when they are out.

Looks like i've got a composer on board for the concept album project, I'm still doing research at the minute to create the next three acts/chapters.

Checking out Afro Samurai series at the minute - missed it when it first came out but catching up now.

Its nearing that time to get the newsletter out for the beginning of next month.
I'm on the case.

Catch you

Monday, 23 August 2010

Independent Movie

This week's already busily shifting on...

It's a late night learning lines - as filming has recommenced for an Independent movie - working title "love and money", that I'm in - nearing the end of the shoot - today's was up in Greenwich, weather was crap, but the job was done in the end.

Tomorrow its an interior shoot so weather not so important, best I go and continue learning those lines, will keep you posted when film comes out.

Oh yeah - got Mac mini back today after £200 repair job for changing the logic board..tut tut tut...anyhow back in business

Ciao for now


Gig at Passing Clouds

Last Week was a busy one!

Friday evening I did a gig at Passing clouds with 12-Tone
It was a BANGER!!!
If you were there you know what I'm talking about - Jammed with some of the band from United Vibrations and the house came down...
Footage might appear online via 12-Tone

I might drop a few pics on the blog too.

Keep watching this space for the next gig jamming witha band - probably in November...

Ife Exhibition - Young Peeps

Hello there everybody peeps

Last week I had the pleasure of running a week long creative writing workshop with some young peeps (mainly teenagers) that had signed up to find out more about the "Ife Heads" that had been the subject of a major exhibition at the museum earlier this year.
With one head being permanently on show in the museums Africa gallery. HAd some curators come and break down what their thoughts about the head was, and had the input of someone from Ife (Nigeria) breakdown the culture of Ife and its significance.

It was most interesting - the young peeps kept me on your toes and gave some pretty imaginative written responses which were presented back to the curators and other observers on Friday. Watch this space and when the video footage of the series "Talking Objects" goes online on the British Museum site I'll post a link and you can catch some of the vibe for yourself.

Sunday, 15 August 2010

One of those weeks...

This has been one of those weeks where gadgets /equipment
has been cracking up / breaking down and its been incredibly irritating to
get it after the other.

First the computer monitor, bought a new screen, then the MAC Mini craps out, and all Apple store could offer was "book an appointment via Genius bar" and 'that' appointment was not for 5 days. "ARRRRHHHHH."
Then issues with downloaded tracks from Three network that were not playing on my Mobile - wasting my time "ARRRRRHHHHHH."

Any how start of a new week and I'm already on a new vibe, creating the ground work for a new project you'll hear about in the near future.

Just bouncing to "You Can Thank me now" by Drake whilst writing this - nice mellow joint, 2010 is Drake's year.

Tommorrow will hopefully sort out MAc Mini issue.

Tuesday to Friday will be doing a project with the British Museum this week should be real interesting for the participants, who will get to touch objects and see items behind the scenes.

Gonna go and see Inception for the second time this week, to see if I missed anything the first time, just by viewing it from a different perspective. Definitely a must see film though for those who like films that make you do a little work. For a film that's pure fun and action check out A- TEAM. Make sure you catch TOY STORY 3 - and look out for the Clown (brilliant character) :-)

I see Dustin Johnson has just been RIPPED OFF in the PGA golf Championship, stopping him from getting into the play-offfor the title, what are they on - that's bad for golf boy, they're trying to make him crazy, you'll have to research PGA Championships 2010 to find out what I'm talking about?


Monday, 9 August 2010

Jazz Verse Juke Box Gig

Had a blast last night at Jazz Verse Juke Box
I haven't gigged in a while so it was a great place to get back in the game
A sumptuos venue at Ronnine Scotts upstairs bar
With an attentive clientele.

The event hosted by Jumoke Fashola, and backed by a wonderful Jazz Trio was exquisite.
Occurring on the 2nd Sunday of the month at Ronnie Scotts, definitely one to check out. Apart from enjoying my self doing my set (footage will probably be appearing on YouTube- will let you know if it does), I especially enjoyed the set of rising star Natalie Fiawoo - who put together a marvellously accomplished performance - I've been trying to interview Natalie for for well over a year now, I'll hopefully get it sorted soon so that you can see her ability for yourself.

And to top it off I found myself chatting away to Julian Richer of Richer Sounds, a very courteous gentleman, and hey presto today - when I had to purchase a new TV/monitor as my computer monitor burned out yesterday, I purchased one from one of his stores.

Ciao for now


Thursday, 5 August 2010

Lupe visually mixed

Some inspirational funny shit on YouTube for you today,
check out "go again!" by 00sm4

Had me in stiches with his creative visual interpretation of Lupe
make sure you catch from 1:02 to 1:31

New interview with Jonzi-D on

Check this new interview now online at and on Youtube,
It's part 1 of 2 that I did with Jonzi-D earlier this year.



Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Info Splurge

OK first up today

I'll mention I'm doing a couple of gigs this month
One on Sunday August 8th at Jazz Verse Jukebox
Click here for details

The 2nd is at Passing Clouds on Friday 20th with 12 Tone - the stunning Brass band
I think this should be a nice jamming session.
Click here for details

The latest edition of the DCosmic newsletter goes out today
Click Here to subscribe to the newsletter, which usually goes out monthly or bi-monthly, depending on how hectic things are.

Nice bit of profile - my Profile pic on this blog "Levitation" appeared in the July issue of "Photo Pro" on page 71 courtesy of Award winning Photographer Lucy Williams, who was featured for her fine work, and the photo she took of me is the one they chose to print was that of yours truly.
Can't say fairer than that 'ay, Of course I've got an issue for the archive.

Big Shout out to SERIOUS, Dartington Hall, and all the Move on Up Artists, it was a great all round experience last month - watch this space.

Beyonder out

Some creative food for the day with David J

Hello Folks

So started to get some ideas for part 6 of a concept album / installation I'm currently creating, (parts 1-3 currently done, now jumping to 6). I've got to do more research but the ideas are starting to flow, which is all good.

Started the creation of a short documentary on the life of a mentor of mine (D.R.) who was in my 2007 documentary Diaspora Diaries. Should be a real interesting project.

You know I've always got a little something for ya, check out footage of the inimitable David J here (a true artist - a craftsman if you will).

Who I interviewed for a couple years back see part 1 here (got to love the David J remix of Shakespeare)

Manorlogz seems to be doing some interesting videos, here's one I liked with the poet Comfort

So that's your fill for the day



Monday, 2 August 2010

Movie comments & Cool Lego Animation

So its been a week since last post
Don't know where time hs gone.
Checked out Inception -liked it, liked the ideas, will check out again with more detailed eye.

Also saw 'Splice' recently - very off-key movie, was cringing through out,
The worst thing is, that there are actually people out there like that!

ot to upload latest interview with Jonzi-D (part1), up onto website ( and youtube this week.

Should also let you know I'm doing a performance this Sunday (8th Aug) at Ronnie Scotts at Jazz Verse Jukebox.

Newsletter going out with all details this week - if you cant wait check:!/dcosmic

Cool Lego animation
you should watch (then chuckle):