Sunday, 9 January 2011

2011...and so it Cynikal

Happy New Year!

So we are 9 days in to the new year - did you make any resolutions / are you still focused on them or have you given up already?

Check out a book called "The Answer", very helpful if you are really trying to make changes in your life.

Any how people hope you've been well, I took a nice extended break and now I'm back, and I've got some stuff for you this year! By the way make sure you check out the Mixtape by Tor Cesay that I mentioned in my last post, some real banging yet thoughtful music right there from a UK female hip-hop artist.

Let's just start this year with some unique style, check out a very talented young man I interviewed at the latter part of last year - he writes and produces music, his genre is hip-hop and he is pretty rare in that he uses a live band. People I present to you "Cynikal"

Listen to tracks from 1st Beyonder album
- Who is the one eyed king?

Listen to tracks from 2nd Beyonder album - Surrealism

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