Thursday, 20 January 2011

So first up from my trip to BETT

Ever wanted to get your children creating apps rather than just consuming them?
Well may be just what you were looking for, the brain child of Paul Clarke (the creator of the site) to teach his daughter to code in a fun way, Yousrc provides the environment for young people to learn how to write code, and learn from others. Moving on to creating simple Apps, this innovative website even allows you to publish your code in the Android format (and by downloading the Yousrc app from the Android market) you can play your creations on your phone (imagine the satisfaction of your child doing that).

The Environment may seem a little confusing if you've never coded before, but all the help you need is on the left hand side of the website screen.

1. You enter the site on the "Showcase" page - you can click in any of the examples to see a finished app created by other children. Read the instructions then play.

2. I would suggest clicking on 1st steps to see the process you will go through to create an app on the website.

3. Next click on ELC tutorials to read about the key features about programming in the ELC environment.

4. You can go deeper by viewing info on the Functions and Keywords or else dive in by viewing the Examples page, where you have video featured on YouTube explaining examples of complete programs to show you the proces to go through.

As I said definitely a bit of a challenge when you first start if you've never coded, but young minds learn fast and are very hungry, there are plent of examples, and if stuck there is a help forum and if all else fails you can contact the creator via contact, so why not challenge your children today helping them into a lucrative future tomorrow visit and see if it works for you.

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