Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Certificate 18 Invite

Hey peeps

So I'm creating this new concept album "Certificate 18" - it's going to be something different but with that Beyonder flavour, the idea is a series of pieces that will all join together to form scenes in a movie as it were (there's more but that's the basic premise).

I've been working on three of the pieces for a while now, and doing research,
but before I move the idea forward, over the next few weeks I'm posting up the work in progress and inviting YOU...THAT'S RIGHT paricipate - with questions about each piece, ideas you might like explored, concepts or scenes you think should be included so with out disclosing too much more get yourself over to my blog read the first piece I've posted up "Spies are everywhere" and be part of the new Beyonder concept album.

Just do it!


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